"Wyoming is like a small town with very long streets."
                                               former Governor of Wyoming

Census estimates show Wyoming may be the fourth "oldest" state in the United States by 2015. In Wyoming the population of 65 and older increased 17.5% from 1994 to 2004. With the “baby boomers” now entering this age group, this percentage will increase at an even higher rate. Nationwide it is estimated that by the year 2030 there will be over 71.5 million population of 65 and older. As this number grows more of us will be considering changes in life events with aging parents and the considerations of changes in health, family transitions, care transitions, and long-term care. We all must acknowledge that aging is a fact of life we transition through. Where do we even begin to consider elder care management planning and the resources available for elder care that are needed? Early conversations and preparations for elder care can be more easily accomplished when all parties involved can inject their wishes and ideas for easier transitioning through the stages of aging and levels of care.

As your life or the life of your loved one changes, so do your plans. 90% of seniors say "home" is where they want to be. "Home" holds the deep feeling of safety, love, warmth and family. For the comfort and safety of your aging loved one, it is never too early to start elder care planning. QLS care liaisons help you develop the best elder care plan for easier living. We are here to take this journey with you and relieve the stress that accompanies the time consuming research of elder care resources. Just as a family takes steps to prepare for a child's future or a sports team prepares for a winning season, it is always in our best interest to prepare for the future of winning seasons. Understanding care needs and care transitions can be simplified when we prepare and gain knowledge early. We all want to do what is best for our loved ones. So often in the effort of taking care of our loved one or during the time consuming task of searching the resources to help us, we can lose the identity of who we are as individuals and forget about taking care of ourselves. We cannot effectively take care of our loved one if we are not healthy ourselves.

QLS is dedicated to formulating custom solutions for quality living for you, an aging parent or relative. As an elder care consultant, we do this by connecting you with a community of public and private resources while offering personalized, professional and cost effective solutions in developing your elder care management plan.

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